The modular, open-source grid storage system for your workshop.

This site is a work in progress! Come join us on #gridfinity in Zack's discord to help!

The best things in life are integer multiples of 42x42x7mm.

Gridfinity could be your workshop's ultimate modular storage system to keep you productive, organized, and safe. It is free, open source, and almost 100% 3D printable.

Origins of Gridfinity

Alexander Chappels Assortment System, licensed under CC-A-NC-SA, partly inspired Zack Freedman's initial designs of Gridfinity. The Gridfinity designs were first released in the video "Gridfinity: Your Ultimate Modular Workshop is FREE!" as a framework for the community to extend.

Now Gridfinity is in the hands of a thriving community that continually adapts it to their needs. We invite you to join this community by using and adapting the system!