The modular, open-source grid storage system for your workshop.


Printing tips

How to cut down on printing time?

If possible, use a bigger nozzle such as 0.6 because many parts of gridfinity are not too intricate and therefore allow for a bigger nozzle. Additionally, many maker spaces have 3D printers, which you could use to parallelize tasks.

Assembly tips

What size labels should I use?

12mm tape will fit, but it's tight. 9mm is ideal

How should I secure the baseplate to the bottom of a drawer?

Just about anything will work: CA adhesive, VHB tape, sticky putty, etc. If you don't want to make anything sticky, you can also pad out the remaining space in your drawer so the grid doesn't slide around.

How should magnets be attached to the bins or the baseplate?

CA adhesive, superglue, and hot-glue all work well! Just remember that magnets are polarized so you need to be consistent with orientation.

Publishing and creating own designs

What is the best way to publish my own designs?

TODO: description template for Thangs

Where to buy non-printable parts (affiliate links supporting Zack)

How to support Gridfinity?

Be a Patreon of Zack, Contribute to this site at ,...